Sunday, November 25, 2007

XTC Boston is now a MeetUp group

We've formed a MeetUp Group and announced the December meeting there.

This group is being formed to help us get the word out to others interested in joining.

We'll continue putting meeting notices here of course, but registering with meetup and joining the group there may have advantages. For example, includes an email list associated with the group. If event notices don't automatically go to this list, we could certainly start posting notices there as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

XTC-BOSTON - December 6, 2007

eXtreme Tuesday Becomes eXtreme Thursday

Our last get-together was a lively discussion about bringing agile methods to non-agile teams. At the end of the evening we also discussed the day we meet, the frequency, and the venue:
  • Tuesdays seem to compete with too many other gatherings.
  • Twice a month seems to be too often.
  • The Cambridge Brewing Co. is getting noisier and is having more trouble accommodating us. It's also full of people who look like they may be us, making it more difficult for new people to find us.
So we're going to try some changes:
  • The eXtreme Tuesday Club is becoming the eXtreme Thursday Club. (This has the added advantage that we don't have to change our URL.)
  • We're going to try meeting once a month, on the first Thursday of the month.
  • We're looking for alternative places to meet. In December we're going to try Kinsale in central Boston.
That means that there will be no meeting the third week of November. The next meeting will be:
In other news, I will be headed back to New York at the beginning of December, so I won't be attending this or most subsequent meetings. I'll be thinking of you while I'm having beers at XTC-NYC though. Enjoy yourselves!


Friday, November 2, 2007

XTC-BOSTON - November 6, 2007

Join us at the Cambridge Brewing Company for another eXtreme Tuesday this coming Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. If you don't know anyone yet, have a look at the sidebar on this page; you're sure to recognize at least one of us there on Tuesday night.