Monday, June 30, 2008

July 3 Meeting canceled

Something else has come up on my schedule, and I have no indication anyone else was planning to attend.

We'll try to meet in August!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

XTC-Boston - July 3, 2008 at Kinsale's

The June meeting was light - just two of us, and I was late for it. But I had a good rambling talk with Jason, about story sizing and splitting, kanban boards, his experiences working at ThoughtWorks, my adventures in job-hunting, and assorted languages.

This month, we'll return again to Kinsale's, which is convenient for most of the regulars and has worked well in the past. If we finally settle on a recurring venue, this is likely to be it.

The schedule puts us very close to a major holiday, so people may be out of town. If it looks likely I'm going to be all alone, I might cancel. Please try to let me know if you plan to attend. If I decide to cancel, I'll put up a notice.

The July meeting will be:

* Thursday, July 3 from 6:30pm
* The Kinsale Irish Pub and Restaurant, 2 Center Plaza, Boston, MA 02108