Sunday, July 27, 2008

Agile Bazaar FIT4Data presentation July 31

In several of our XTC meetings, we have discussed the use of Fit: Framework for Integrated Test, and another local agile group is holding an interesting related session at 6 PM July 31 on the MIT campus, in building E51, room 315.

In this session, Adrian Mowat will describe how he test-drives database migration code using a database tool layered on top of the Java implementation of FIT.

For a bit more description, see

Friday, July 11, 2008

XTC-Boston - August 14, 2008 at Kinsale's

The schedule is changing to the second Thursday for this month because the regular date would put it during the Agile2008 conference in Toronto, which some of our members will be attending.

The August meeting will be:

* Thursday, August 14 from 6:30pm
* The Kinsale Irish Pub and Restaurant, 2 Center Plaza, Boston, MA 02108